First to Market: Fully-Shielded Auto-Lock FFC Connector For Gaming/Drone/AR/VR Markets
I-PEX Connectors is leading the way to a connected future with three new small form factor connectors designed to enable 5G mmWave and sub-6 applications.  
Ultra thin active optical cable plug module with Silicon-Photonics chip
New, Shielded FFC/FPC Connector with Auto-Locking Feature is Ideal for High-Speed, High Temperature, and High Shock and Vibration Environments 
New, Smaller RF Connector with Locking Feature is Perfect for High Shock and Vibration Environments

I-PEX Connectors Selected by Mellanox Technologies as Provider for Low-Profile Cable Assembly Connectors 

Perfect for High-Data-Rate Transfer Applications: New Right Angle Vertical Mate Micro-Coaxial Fully Shielded Connector with Optional Mechanical Locking Mechanism
The EVAFLEX 5, with impedance-matched shielded FFC and interfaced with V-by-one HS, has already been adopted by many customers. EVAFLEX 5 has also now been confirmed by THine Electronics' technical specification for high-resolution video image and next-generation high-speed interface standard V-by-One US.