I-PEX Connectors and Mellanox Collaboration (2019/Mar/18)

I-PEX Connectors Selected by Mellanox Technologies as Provider for Low-Profile Cable Assembly Connectors 

AUSTIN, TX, March 18, 2019 – I-PEX Connectors is proud to have been selected by Mellanox Technologies as a provider for low-profile cable assembly connectors on part of their high-speed network ConnectX-6 adapters and BlueField controllers portfolio.  These products offer dual socket solutions, using two separate PCI Express (PCIe) x16 motherboard slots. The extra PCIe lanes from the second slot are routed to the main card through I-PEX CABLINE brand CA-II Plus Micro-Coaxial Cable Connectors and Cable Assemblies.

Many servers today rely on cable assemblies to interconnect the motherboard with other critical elements of the system.  Server cable assemblies need to be easy to install and have a minimal impact on airflow.  I-PEX Connectors offers many options in micro-coaxial high-speed assemblies, supporting PCIe Gen 3, Gen 4 and even faster speeds.

CABLINE CA-II Plus is a 0.4 mm pitch, with horizontal mating, and is available in several sizes. The Plus version has expanded ground contacts to allow for easier routing.  The system offers full EMI shielding around the terminations and board connector. 

If you have a high speed assembly that needs a performance low profile solution, contact I-PEX Connectors.