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Perfect for applications that require higher FPC retention force and smaller pin counts. 

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Why Select I-PEX Auto-Lock FFC Connectors?

1) Auto-Lock Mechanism
2) High-Speed Transmission
3) High Temperature Resistance

Why Select I-PEX FPC Connectors?

1) Mechanical Lock Creates High Retention Force
2) Hold Down to Improve Strength of Side Wall and Prevent Actuator Drop-off
3) Accidental operation without the FPC inserted is no problem



Why select I-PEX Auto-Lock FFC connectors?

1 ) Auto-Lock Mechanism

Auto-lock-GIF ◆ One-step operation helps improve productivity and is also designed for robotic automation.
 ◆ Auto-lock structure reliably holds the notched FFC, creating excellent retention force against pulling and vibration.
 ◆ You can hear and feel the connector click when mating, which will prevent half-mating insertion.

2 ) High-Speed Transmission

High-transmission-GIFHigh-speed transmission is made possible by improved shield and contact design.
◆ 8+Gbps : EVAFLEX® 5-VS
◆ 10+Gbps : EVAFLEX® 5-HD
◆ 16+Gbps : EVAFLEX® 5

3 ) High Temperature Resistance

Play full EVAFLEX series video

We have a variety of products that work in high-temperature environments, especially automotive applications.
◆ -40℃~+105℃ : EVAFLEX® 5-VS

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Why select I-PEX FPC connectors?

1 ) Mechanical Lock Creates High Retention Force

dw5High retention force is created by the lock contacts. These contacts are on both side walls of the connector and are designed to catch and hold the designated cut out area of the FPC. The mechanical lock ensures approximately 1.7 times higher resistance compared to our 0.3 mm pitch, 19 pin count connectors without a mechanical lock. This connector is not only ideal for high vibration environments, but it is also suitable for applications that require high FPC retention. FPC retention force comparison chart is here
[ The mechanical structure shown here is a hybrid type of FPC and discrete wire connector, DW 5. This mechanical l lock structure is also adapted for MINIFLEX series.]

I-PEX 0.3 mm pitch connector
FPC retention force comparison (19P)
Without Lock With Lock
6.7 N 11.34 N

 ◆Connector with mechanical lock 0.3 mm pitch
 MINIFLEX 3-BFN LK (0.3 mm, High pin count available)
 MINIFLEX 3-BFN L-LK-HD (0.3 mm, High pin count, robust)
 MINIFLEX 3-BFNH L-HD (0.3mm, Robust type)

Mechanical lock

◆Connector with mechanical lock from 0.4 mm ~ 0.5 mm pitch
MINIFLEX 4-ST (0.4 mm, Super low profile, 0.50 mm)
MINIFLEX 5-BFN II LK (0.5 mm, High temperature resistance)
DW-5 (0.5 mm, Hybrid type for FPC and discrete wire)

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2 ) Hold Down to Improve Strength of Side Wall and Prevent Actuator Drop-off

MFX_Actuator(HD)Have you ever faced actuator drop-off during assembly? Certain I-PEX FPC/FFC connectors were developed with improved side wall hold down features that help the actuator from dropping off.

MFX_Actuator(Strength)When hold down is soldered, it prevents both side walls from piling-off action and distortion.

< Comparison chart with hold down and without hold down>

(N) Without hold down
Test from outside Inside out test
AVG. 2.353 2.257
MAX. 2.45 2.40
MIN. 2.24 2.12

Ten times higher than without hold down!!

(N) With hold down
Test from outside Inside out test
AVG. 23.790 21.720
MAX. 24.25 22.21
MIN. 23.41 21.24


3 ) Accidental operation without the FPC inserted is no problem!

I-PEX's MINIFLEX series was developed with reliable features such as the ability to open and close the connector without the FPC inserted.

3-1 ) Connector will still function reliably



3-2 ) Connector still performs even though the insertion force went up

Operation without FPC insertion, basic FPC insertion force will increase.


3-3 ) Retention force connector does not change