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Design Advanced Solutions For Your Needs

Introducing innovative product ideas, keeping in close communications with customers to ensure our solutions exceed expectations.


Provide Excellent Signal Integrity Solutions

Providing high frequency solutions in a miniaturized package, backed by a full complement of SI simulation and physical testing.

About I-PEX

Precision Manufacturing Solutions

Ensuring quality every step of the way from in-house tool design to fully automated manufacturing and inspections.


Evaluation and Analysis Tools Utilized for Connector Development

  • Analysis (3D Analysis)
  • Correlation (Evaluation)


Analysis (3D Analysis)

Leading in the field of high-frequency and high-speed transmissions, I-PEX provides excellent signal integrity solutions with the development of a wide variety of ultra-precision connectors.
In the development process, I-PEX utilizes 3D electromagnetic field simulators, such as CST STUDIO and HFSS, to verify compatibility with millimeter-wave and ultra-high-speed transmission and provides various simulation data at the customer’s request.

  • CST STUDIO (Dassault Systèmes Inc.)
  • HFSS (ANSYS Inc.)
S-Parameter, TDR Waveform, others


Shield performance verification (Near-field noise)


Shield performance verification (Far-field noise)


Black-Box models, which can reproduce 3D analysis, are provided as HFSS and CST tools.


Customers can consider the elements to be connected to the connectors and perform comprehensive verification.

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Correlation (Evaluation)

In order to ensure the verification by simulation, each product is checked for consistency with actual measurement results as appropriate.


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Provide Excellent Signal Integrity Solutions

  • SI simulation
  • Other analysis
  • Examples of Engineering Equipment


SI simulation

  • 3D Electromagnetic Field Simulation

The high frequency response data in connector structure is provided as a high-precision 3D full model. In addition, the electromagnetic field distribution propagating in space is observed to verify the shielding performance of connectors, and near-field and far-field EMC measurements are verified at the product design stage.

  • CST STUDIO (Dassault Systèmes Inc.)
  • HFSS (ANSYS Inc.)


Analysis of the entire PCB, including net and component information, is possible by importing the CAD data of the PCB, and the characteristics of the connector mounted condition can be reproduced.

  • PCB CAD Tools:
    • OrCAD (INNOTECH Corp.)
      ・PCB design
      ・Development of PCB CAD data into analysis models
    • SIwave (ANSYS Inc.)
      ADS (Keysight Technologies, Inc.)
      ・2.5D electromagnetic field, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity 
      ・Data formats such as IBIS-AMI and touchstone can be imported
  • 2D, 2.5D Electromagnetic Field Analysis

Examples of connector and PCB layouts are proposed to comply with transmission standards.
The pattern layouts around the connectors that are suitable for the transmission standard and the layer configuration of the PCB are verified, based on the effects of reflections and crosstalk noise from mounted components and signal traces.
In addition, the impedance and electric field strength distribution from the power supply to the ground are analyzed by incorporating the layout of the entire PCB and the identification and improvement of power supply noise are verified.




  • System Analysis

SIwave and ADS combine all the elements between devices as a transmission circuit, enabling system analysis to obtain the characteristics of the entire system.
Verify the pass characteristics at any transmission rate, including the effect of equalizing in addition to the effects of noise and jitter.


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Other analysis

  • Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis software

  • CST STUDIO (Dassault Systèmes Inc)
  • ANSYS Mechanical (ANSYS Inc.)
  • ANSYS Icepak (ANSYS Inc.)
  • Heat dissipation design

The effect of heat-sink and heat dissipation route are verified by checking the temperature rise when current is applied.

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Examples of Engineering Equipment

Frequency characteristics evaluation equipment
I-PEX develops many high-speed transmission connectors, and has network analyzers and other equipment to check the characteristics of these products, and analyze and verify the results using PLTS, ADK/ISD, etc.


Near magnetic field scanner system

The system observes the electromagnetic field distribution near the connector.


Anechoic chamber

A compact anechoic chamber environment used for detecting the radio waves emitted from products such as connectors and electronic components.


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