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We are pleased to introduce our new products under development such as CABLINE®-CA IIP PLUS and DUALINE®130-HB-D. CABLINE®-CA IIP PLUS is 0.4 mm pitch, horizontal mating type, fully shielded Twinax and micro-coaxial cable assembly. It supports high-speed transmission 64 Gbps/lane PAM4 using paddle card technology DUALINE®130-HB-D is 0.4 mm pitch, horizontal mating type, Twinax cable assembly which supports 112 Gbps/lane PAM4. We started mass-production of new micro-coaxial connector CABLINE®-CAP, which is 0.4 mm pitch, horizontal mating type, micro-coaxial cable assembly since August, 2023. CABLINE®-CAP supports 64 Gbps/lane PAM4. These products are high-speed transmission connectors suitable for servers, switches, and other enterprise equipment in data centers.
The LIGHTPASS® series from I-PEX is a multi-mode active optical module with a silicon photonics IC “IOCore™” which was developed by AIO Core Co., Ltd. that can operate stably in high temperature environments. These products enable bi-directional optical communication for the purpose of photoelectric conversion of internal high-speed signals in large data equipment and telecommunication equipment. To meet the various requirements of our customers, I-PEX offers two new products, LIGHTPASS®-EOB II 128G and LIGHTPASS®-EOS 100G, to match the actual operating environment in data center applications.
Check out I-PEX Enterprise Solutions for 112 Gbps PAM4 Applications. LEAPWIRE® (Twinax Cable), DUALINE® 195-HB, DUALINE® 110-VB-M, and MEZZTRACK™ (Optics or other mezzanine applications) are introduced in this video.
I-PEX connectors solutions for enterprise computing applications.
In recent years, infrastructure telecommunication, such as servers and switches, have become increasingly faster in the enterprise market. The challenge is that conventional PCB trace transmission have large insertion losses with limited transmission distance.  A co-package system also faces the challenge of high-density packaging. I-PEX has begun development of our new LEAPWIRE®/DUALINE® series 112 Gbps PAM4 using high-speed Twinax Cables and MEZZTRACK™ 112Gbps PAM4 board-to-board connection to solve these problems.
Enterprise computing applications that require high-speed transmission, such as servers, switches, storage, etc., require higher electrical characteristics performance for loss and crosstalk that affect signal waveform deterioration. I-PEX has established technologies and production systems that can support high-speed transmission such as 56 Gbps PAM4 and PCIe Gen6 64 GT/s PAM4 used in enterprise computing applications, by combining existing micro-coaxial connectors with paddle-card solutions.

I-PEX Connectors Selected by Mellanox Technologies as Provider for Low-Profile Cable Assembly Connectors