Measures Against Counterfeit Products

Dear Customers,

Thank you for choosing I-PEX products.
Our research has confirmed that counterfeit products are in circulation that look very similar to our connectors.
Although some of these counterfeit products are almost indistinguishable in appearance, they may not fulfill the original product functions due to insufficient product accuracy and control.
It is undeniable that using counterfeit products may cause malfunction of related equipment and may lead to serious safety problems.
We take decisive measures against counterfeit products to protect customers from any related damage.

Therefore, please be careful when purchasing our connector products, and be sure to purchase through official sales channels.
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Please note that we assume no responsibility for any damages or equipment malfunctions that may have been caused as a result of using counterfeit products.
If you suspect that any products you have received are counterfeit, please contact us.
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We appreciate your continued support for our products.