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A vertical type board-in connector is being added to the I-PEX IARPB® connector series, which has been well received in the automotive market due to its light weight and compact design. Recently, functions such as adaptive driving beam (ADB) have been added to headlamps, and there is a continuing demand for space saving components. To address this demand, we have developed the vertical type board-in connector. This product improves space efficiency by routing the wire harness vertically to the board, which may increase the degree of freedom in circuit board design and helps customers further reduce the weight and size of their designs.
With the implementation of advance driver assistance systems (ADAS) and other technologies in society, automobiles are undergoing a major transformation at a rapid pace. Automobiles are becoming computers on wheels, and the various electronic devices installed are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. At the same time, improving fuel/electricity efficiency and safety performance, and reducing the weight of automobiles are major themes in the automotive industry. To meet these market needs, I-PEX is expanding the ISH® connector lineup with the new ISH® 18 connector.
It has been said that CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Subscription/Shared, Electrification) is a once-in-a-century technological innovation in the automotive industry. And, while the amount of electricity used by automobiles has increased with the electrification of vehicles, power electronic devices, such as inverters and DC-DC converters, must be made even more compact. In response to the size-reduction requirements, I-PEX released the AP-10 high-power supply terminal in 2020, followed by the AP-LT10 and AP-TSS10, and is again expanding the AP series. The new AP-50 significantly expands the rated operating temperature and rated current values. By using AP-50, the number of connectors required to supply the increased power needed can be reduced. It also contributes to system size reduction as less board space is occupied by connectors.
In recent years, in-vehicle systems have become more multi-function and smaller, making space-saving components more important. Additionally, there is a need for lighter equipment to achieve lower fuel consumption. To meet these demands, I-PEX is offering a new FPC card edge connector. 
How to mate and unmate the CABLINE®-UA II Micro-Coaxial Cable Connectors.
Introducing our RF connector for external antennas, seamlessly mating with the MHF®-SW23 RF switch PCB receptacle.

The mediums over which electrical signals travel can either help or hurt the electromagnetic compatibility of a system. Common mediums include printed circuit board (PCB) traces, interconnects, and cables. In order to see how intrapair skew induces EMI, EMI must first be defined.
I-PEX has released new AP-TSS10 and AP-LT10 board-to-board power supply terminals, spacers, and lug terminals for high current (32A) and high temperature (125°C) applications.