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How to mate and unmate the CABLINE®-UA II Micro-Coaxial Cable Connectors.
Introducing our RF connector for external antennas, seamlessly mating with the MHF®-SW23 RF switch PCB receptacle.

The mediums over which electrical signals travel can either help or hurt the electromagnetic compatibility of a system. Common mediums include printed circuit board (PCB) traces, interconnects, and cables. In order to see how intrapair skew induces EMI, EMI must first be defined.
I-PEX has released new AP-TSS10 and AP-LT10 board-to-board power supply terminals, spacers, and lug terminals for high current (32A) and high temperature (125°C) applications.
I-PEX offers a wide range of products and services, including the development and manufacture of connectors, sensors, automotive products, and manufacturing equipment. For example, one of the main products, "connectors," are used in our daily life products such as smartphones and laptop computers. Many processes are required to make connectors: equipment design, die fabrication, stamping, plating, plastic molding, assembly, inspection. Each and every process supports high-quality manufacturing.
We are pleased to introduce our new products under development such as CABLINE®-CA IIP PLUS and DUALINE®130-HB-D. CABLINE®-CA IIP PLUS is 0.4 mm pitch, horizontal mating type, fully shielded Twinax and micro-coaxial cable assembly. It supports high-speed transmission 64 Gbps/lane PAM4 using paddle card technology DUALINE®130-HB-D is 0.4 mm pitch, horizontal mating type, Twinax cable assembly which supports 112 Gbps/lane PAM4. We started mass-production of new micro-coaxial connector CABLINE®-CAP, which is 0.4 mm pitch, horizontal mating type, micro-coaxial cable assembly since August, 2023. CABLINE®-CAP supports 64 Gbps/lane PAM4. These products are high-speed transmission connectors suitable for servers, switches, and other enterprise equipment in data centers.
I-PEX has released the new CABLINE®-CAP, 1.15 mm mating height, 0.4 mm pitch, micro coax cable assembly. CABLINE®-CAP is a wire to board product that combines high transmission rates and space savings with paddle card technology.