About I-PEX

About I-PEX
About I-PEX

Trusted Connector Brand

Leading in the field of high-frequency and high-speed transmissions, I-PEX contributes to the digital society by providing excellent signal integrity solutions with the development of a wide variety of ultra-precision connectors and our incomparable customer support.

About I-PEX

Integrated Connector Manufacturer

Headquartered in Japan, we use our precision manufacturing process to go from product design to tool build to mass production. We have control over the entire process from start-to-finish.

Micro-coaxial connector

Pioneer of Micro-Coaxial Connectors

In 1996, we developed the world's first mass-produced micro-coaxial connector, CABLINE® I. As data rates and frequencies increase, our connectors have evolved to meet this demand.

(History of Micro-Coaxial Connector)



On July 10, 1963, at Fushimi-ku in Kyoto, Akira Konishi invented the module system (total division structure, complete heat hardening treatment, and all precision machining after total hardening) for the purpose of specialized production of precision dies and established DAI-ICHI SEIKO Co., Ltd. The molds that were being made around this time were "high-performance quenching molds." These molds were manufactured for companies supplying makers of electronic computers and integrated circuits, as well as automobiles, televisions, communication equipment, etc.  During this time, we have established a reputation as a manufacturer that makes high-quality and precision molds. Because of this, we succeeded in winning many orders for precision molds and established a solid business foundation with companies not only in Japan, but also in other countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico and Singapore. We far exceeded our original business plan. To continuously improve our technology, we invested in training engineers, requiring them to visit the US, which had the most advanced mold manufacturing technology at that time. 

Founder Akira Konishi


To Manufacturer of Molded Connector Products Using Precision Molds

By the 10th anniversary of our company, we had accumulated technology for molding and producing plastic parts. Therefore, it became possible not only to manufacture and deliver molds, but also to run the molds in our own factory and supply our customers with high volumes of precision molded parts. The proposal was readily accepted by customers. Since then, we have developed into a specialized mold manufacturer and have entered the mass production field of precision connector molded products. This encounter with the connector business is the beginning of our outsourced manufacturing business and has led to the integrated production and sales of today's connectors.

Connector products in 1970's


Birth of I-PEX, the Connector Venture Company

On February 10, 1994, I-PEX Co., Ltd. was established as a fabless connector supplier in Machida, Tokyo. I-PEX designed and sold their connector outsourcing manufacturing to DAI-ICHI SEIKO. The I-PEX business quickly grew, becoming an important customer of DAI-ICHI SEIKO. I-PEX’s first big commercial success was the development of the CABLINE Series of micro-coaxial connectors. These connectors were quickly adopted by most notebook PC and display manufacturers, leading to very high volume sales and success for both I-PEX and DAI-ICHI SEIKO. The mutually beneficial and trusting relationship allowed both companies to grow and be highly successful, thus creating an inseparable bond. (History of Micro-Coaxial Connector)

The first CABLINE connector in 1996


DAI-ICHI SEIKO and I-PEX Merger and Growth

At the beginning of 2000, there was a movement to consolidate domestic group companies. DAI-ICHI SEIKO and I-PEX were operating as two separate companies. In order to respond quickly to changing market trends and strengthen competitiveness, the decision was made to merge I-PEX and DAI-ICHI SEIKO into one company. In July 2004, DAI-ICHI SEIKO and I-PEX merged as DAI-ICHI SEIKO, becoming one company focused on being an integrated production connector manufacturer. With this merger, the company gained further momentum and was listed on the JASDAQ Stock Exchange in 2006, and on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section in 2011.

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Establishing a Global Presence

In addition to expanding our connector business, which is indispensable for mobile information devices, we are taking on the challenge of studying mold microfabrication technology, as well as other challenges in new business areas, such as sensor development with collaboration between IoT, people and robots. Going forward, on the basis of our manufacturing DNA that we have fostered until today, we will strive to grow sustainably as "an expert in innovative product development & engineering solutions", who create new value, staying one step ahead of the needs of the times.

As part of the above efforts, we decided to unify the company name and corporate brand into "I-PEX" in August 2020 with the aim of clarifying the company's vision and expanding global brand recognition.  Propelled by this company name change, all employees in our company group will unite under "I-PEX" and provide original technology, products, and solutions, to make it a global brand that is trusted and loved worldwide.

I-PEX = Innovative Product development & Engineering solutions eXpert


Company stock is publicly traded in Prime Market, Tokyo Stock Exchange (Code: 6640).