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MHF® Micro RF Coaxial Connectors are used to connect antennas to radios while maximizing performance within minimal space. The patented i-Fit® process equals reliability at scale and consistent VSWR performance up to 15 GHz. With cable options ranging from 0.48 mm to 2.0 mm OD and mated board heights between 0.8 mm and 3 mm, I-PEX offers solutions to fit your space. Using a new proprietary process that allows MHF® 7 to achieve 45 GHz, I-PEX exemplifies technology leadership for 5G applications. New "ZenShield®" technology enables MHF® 7S and NOVASTACK® 35-HDN to provide superior EMI suppression in critical 5G systems. These connectors are ideal for Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, 5G mmWave and sub-6 GHz, Bluetooth, GPS, WiGig, M2M, IoT, SigFox, WiSUN, NB-IoT and LoRa applications. Whether in production or while performing testing, I-PEX has an RF solution for a wide array of applications.

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CABLINE® Micro-Coaxial Cable Connectors are capable of handling high data rates such as USB4, Thunderbolt 3, eDP HBR3, PCIe Gen 3/4 and more. They support power delivery and have the option of high-performance EMC shielding (ZenShield®) option. The cables can be bundled to make it easy to route them through narrow spaces and hinges. These connectors are ideal for connecting displays, camera modules, storage devices and other applications.

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NOVASTACK® Board to Board FPC Connectors are available in a 0.4 mm and 0.35 mm pitch with options for power pins and high visibility mating. The connectors, suitable for high-data-rate transmission uses high-performance EMC shielding (ZenShield®), making them ideal for USB4, Thunderbolt 3 and eDP HBR3 applications. In addition, NOVASTACK® connectors are capable of transmitting high-speed RF signals up to 15 GHz.

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EVAFLEX® FFC/FPC Connectors have an auto-locking feature that can mate FFC/FPC with one action. EVAFLEX® connectors have high-performance EMC shielding (ZenShield®) option as well as high temperature applications up to 125°C. The unique locking feature on these connectors makes them operator friendly and the high-speed transmission and high-temperature option makes them suitable for automotive applications.

MINIFLEX® FPC/FFC Connectors, commonly referred to as ZIFs or LIFs, offer a variety of pin counts and pitch ranges from 0.5 mm down to one of the world’s smallest at 0.175 mm. Connector height profiles range from a robust 2.5 mm down to one of the industry’s lowest at just 0.55 mm. These connectors have an additional mechanical lock option with FPC cut out lock feature.

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IX-UC Series USB Type-C Receptacles deliver quick-charge capabilities, the ease of a reversible mating face, and data rates up to 10 Gbps per USB 3.2 specification. They are available and customizable in a range of sizes, configurations, materials and performance characteristics for broad application suitability.

MINIDOCK™ Board-to-Board Docking Input/Output (I/O) Connectors provide a rugged, secure and reliable docking solution for portable medical and industrial devices. These high-pin-count I/O connectors feature diecast housings and large tapered guide pins to insure reliable mating up to 5,000 mating cycles. MINIDOCK™ connector options include vertical and horizontal mating, pin counts ranging from 80 to 240, and 3-level pin sequencing for signal, power and ground.

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ISH® is a high heat/vibration resistant wire-to-board connector series. Horizontal, vertical, wire-to-wire and hybrid (with power terminals) types are available. Female terminals with the embedded spring provide superior contact reliability.

ISFIT® is a solderless press-fit terminal with a unique design that includes a 4-point contact with an internal spring structure that provides low mating force and eliminates damage to the through-hole on the PCB. This terminal has excellent contact reliability with accurate center position alignment which helps reduce the workload of assembly operators, as well as improving the inspection process.

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Enterprise Solutions:


The LIGHTPASS® Series makes it possible to shorten the copper trace length on the system board by placing the electrical-to-optical (E-to-O) conversion closer to the processor, reducing electrical transmission losses. I-PEX continues to develop products that meet future demands for active optical modules based on Silicon-Photonics IC Optical I/O Core.


Featured Technologies:


RF Coaxial Cable Crimp Technology

The i-Fit® solderless terminating technology removes the variability of solder thereby increasing the repeatability and precision of electrical performance. Also, using this technology, assembly manufacturers can easily terminate connector plugs and cables. It is very important for the antenna that such simple process and the electrical characteristics are maintained.


High-Performance EMC Shielding Design

ZenShield® is the brand name for I-PEX connector series with high-performance EMC shielding design. The 360-degree EMC shielding prevents electromagnetic noise radiation from the board mounting part of the signal terminals. The connector itself provides significant mitigation of EMI. ZenShield® gives board designers more flexibility for designing the board by allowing the connectors to be placed in close proximity to sensitive subsystems, such as transmit/receive antennas, that are commonly found in high-performance wireless communication systems. The I-PEX ZenShield® connector series offers a number of EMC shielding connectors to meet various applications and design conditions.

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