I-PEX offers an extensive line of 5G connectors for mmWave and sub-6 GHz applications:  from a very compact size micro-coaxial solution that can carry 45 GHz, to fully-shielded board-to-board and micro-coaxial solutions utilizing intermediate frequencies up to 15 GHz.  All of our RF connectors can be used in sub-6 GHz frequency range.  See our 5G connectors in various frequencies.   

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45 GHz


Application-5g_MHF7The MHF 7 Micro RF Coaxial Connector sets a new bar for stamped component frequency performance. With a 1.68 VSWR max at 45 GHz, I-PEX provides unsurpassed performance in a small form factor 2.0 x 2.1 mm footprint and 1.40 mm mated height. Utilizing a proprietary method to control impedance, the MHF 7 Connector provides a low-cost alternative to millimeter wave applications up to 45 GHz. This connector is a prime candidate for use cases utilizing the 5G FR2 band’s mmWave frequencies (up to 45 GHz) not utilizing intermediate frequencies such as small cells, notebook PCs, fixed wireless access, and other CPE devices.


15 GHz



The NOVASTACK 35-HDN Connector is perfect for small spaces required by mobile phones and hotspots utilizing intermediate frequencies (IF) to 15 GHz before converting to mmWave frequencies. Its 0.35 mm pitch and 0.7 mm mated height make placement flexible for design engineers to maximize space. The patented 360-degree shield created by the mated pair greatly reduces EMI compared to a similar unshielded solution. The compact design and shielding is versatile for the challenges faced by smart phone and mobile hotspot engineers where space is critical.  Click to watch NOVASTACK 35-HDN product video.




The MHF 7S Micro RF Coaxial Connector represents a quantum-leap in stamped small form factor connector technology. Leading the way in EMI performance, the MHF 7S Connector redefines the boundaries of what is possible. The revolutionary design eliminates significant sources of EMI when transmitting IF frequencies to enable mmWave frequencies at the antenna module. As devices become more congested with RF signals this feature will aid in reducing noise and assist in passing regulatory emissions tests. In addition to reducing EMI, the MHF 7S Connector also has a 1.5 VSWR max through 15 GHz using a 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm footprint and 1.4 mm mated height. This connector’s superior EMI blocking design is ideal for mmWave devices utilizing intermediate frequencies up to 15 GHz. These devices include small cells, notebook PCs, fixed wireless access, and other CPE devices.



MHF 5L offers a balance between space, performance, and frequency range through 15 GHz.  MHF 5L is available in two cable diameters 1.13 mm OD (AWG#32) and 0.81 mm OD (AWG#33), which provides a mated height maximum of 1.3 mm.




12 GHz


Application-5g_MHF5MHF 5 is our lowest mated micro RF coaxial connector, with a mated height of 1.0 mm.  MHF 5 is small form factor solution for applications through 12 GHz.  There are 3 cable sizes available: 0.81 mm OD (AWG#36), 0.64 mm OD (AWG#36), 0.48 mm OD (AWG#38).





Application-5g_MHF4L LKMHF 4L LK is our smallest locking MHF product.  Available in 1.37 mm OD (AWG#30), the MHF 4L LK was designed for shock and vibration applications using frequencies up to 12 GHz.




MHF®4L (1.7 mm height)

Application-5g_MHF4L-20632-1.7mmHMHF 4L provides the best IL performance through 12 GHz with a cable diameter of 1.37 mm OD (AWG#30) and mated height of 1.7 mm.




MHF®4L (1.4 mm height)

Application-5g_MHF4L-20565-1.4mmHMHF 4L is the M.2 industry standard an operates up to 12 GHz and mated height of 1.4 mm with cable diameters of 1.13 mm OD (AWG#32) and 0.95 mm OD (AWG#33).




MHF®4L (1.2 mm height)

Application-5g_MHF4L-20572-1.2mmHMHF 4L is the M.2 industry standard an operates up to 12 GHz and mated height of 1.2 mm with cable diameters of 0.81 mm OD (AWG#35), 0.64 mm OD (AWG#36), or 0.81 mm OD (AWG#36)




9 GHz


Application-5g_MHFI-LKIndustry first MHF I LK provides a locking solution that works with all MHF I receptacles with a mated height of 2.9 mm.  This solution has 5 coax options: 1.80 mm OD (AWG#30), 1.37 mm OD (AWG#30), 1.32 mm OD (AWG#32), 1.13 mm OD (AWG#32), 0.81 mm OD (AWG#36). Click to watch MHF I LK product video.




MHF®I (2.0 mm cable outer diameter / AWG#26)

Application-5g_MHF-I_20767-2.0-mm-cable-O.D.jpgMHF I (2.0 mm OD AWG#26) is the largest MHF I cable option with a mated height of 3 mm max and capable of 9 GHz operation.  This solution offers the best insertion loss for long harness length applications.





Application-5g_MHF-I_20670MHF I is I-PEX Connectors’ first connector to use the patented i-Fit crimp termination technology.  The robust MHF I has a mated height of 2.5 mm and max operating frequency of 9 GHz.  A broad range of cable options include 1.80 mm OD (AWG#30), 1.37 mm OD (AWG#30), 1.32 mm OD (AWG#32), 1.13 mm OD (AWG#32), and 0.81 mm OD (AWG#36).




6 GHz


Application-5g_MHF-seriesAll of the MHF series are capable of handling 6 GHz.  Download the MHF series catalog to see complete options.