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Leading in the field of high-frequency and high-speed transmissions, I-PEX contributes to the digital society by providing excellent signal integrity solutions with the development of a wide variety of ultra-precision connectors and our incomparable customer support.


RF Connectors: MHF® Series

MHF® is a series of ultra-miniature RF coaxial connectors for antenna connection within wireless devices that achieves maximum performance with minimal space.
Compatible with various communication standards, such as 5G mmWave/Sub6, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, WiGig, M2M, IoT, SigFox, WiSUN, NB-IoT and LoRa.
  • I-PEX's unique i-Fit® solderless connection technology provides stable VSWR performance up to 15 GHz
  • Products with our ZenShield® technology, such as the MHF® 7S, provide improved EMC performance
  • MHF® I LK & MHF® 4L LK are the industry's first micro-RF coaxial connector with locking mechanism
  • A wide range of options, from extremely small connectors with a mated height of 1.0 mm to connectors that support frequency bands up to 15 GHz

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Micro-Coaxial Connectors: CABLINE® Series

CABLINE® is a connector series that uses micro-coaxial cables that can transmit high-speed signals in a space-saving manner inside a variety of equipment.
It supports high-speed transmission such as 64 Gbps/lane PAM4, USB4, Thunderbolt 3, eDP HBR3 and PCIe Gen 3/4.
  • Electromagnetic noise countermeasures and crosstalk reduction with ZenShield® EMI shielding technology
  • Highly flexible and can be used in narrow spaces by bundling cables
  • Ideal for internal connections with moving parts and strict wiring design requirements, such as the connection between the motherboard and display of a laptop PC
  • Some products include a mechanical lock

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Twinax Connectors: DUALINE® Series

DUALINE® is a series of Twinax cable connectors suitable for ultra high-speed transmission within enterprise computing applications, such as servers and switches. They adapt to 112G PAM4 high-speed transmission.
  • Twinax cables have two copper conductors surrounded by insulation and an external
    shield to reduce EMI and crosstalk between signals for better signal integrity
  • Compact, low-profile design that can be used in tight spaces near the CPU or under a
    heatsink, contributing to the space-saving design of optical components and electronic
  • Also available as a LEAPWIRE® jumper harness solution

Board-to-Board Connectors: NOVASTACK® Series 

NOVASTACK® is a board-to-board (FPC) connector series that supports high-speed transmission and high-frequency standards, such as USB4 (20 Gbps/lane), 5G mm wave, sub-6, and eDP HBR3.
  • Shielded options to ensure EMC performance with ZenShield® technology
  • Optional features include independent power terminals converters, etc.

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FPC FFC Connectors: EVAFLEX® Series and MINIFLEX® Series

EVAFLEX® is a connector series for FPC and FFC cables that features one-action mating with a mechanical lock mechanism that ensures excellent retention. ZenShield® technology offers excellent EMC protection and enables high-speed transmission, such as USB 4, USB 3.2, V-By-One HS, and eDP.
  • Rated for high temperature operation (up to 125°C)
  • Vertical and horizontal mating-types available
MINIFLEX® is also a connector series optimized for FPC and FFC cables and has a connector shape known as ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) or LIF (Low Insertion Force).
  • Various pitch ranges from 0.5 mm to industry's smallest class 0.175 mm
  • Options of a variety of pin counts

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Wire-to-Board Connectors: ISH®, IARPB®, and AV-B Series

ISH® is a connector series that has excellent high temperature and vibration resistance and has a unique spring structure terminal to ensure high connection reliability. These connectors use discrete wires well-suited for supplying high current  to devices.
  • Long-term connection reliability
  • Ideal for harsh environments, such as automotive and industrial applications
IARPB® is a board-in type discrete wire connector with excellent vibration resistance. Particularly well-suited for automotive applications, such as headlights, inverters, and DC-to-DC converters.
  • Excellent vibration-resistance due to housing post structure
  • Plating process provides a structure with excellent visibility and stable solder
    wettability to ensure work efficiency during mounting

AV-B is a connector for drone battery connection.

  • Prevents unintentional unmating due to vibrations and shocks during drone navigation
  • Half-mating prevention shape allows visual check for correct mating

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Terminals: AP Series and ISFIT®

AP series is a set of board-to-board power terminal products that supports high-current amperage and withstands high temperatures, all in small form-factors.
They are ideal for in-vehicle chargers and industrial equipment that is subject to rapid environmental temperature changes.
  • High level of flexibility gives superior floating performance, allowing mounting of multiple terminals
  • Operate at currents up to 32A
  • Withstand temperatures up to 125°C
ISFIT® is a solderless press-fit terminal with a unique design that includes a 4-point contact with an internal spring structure that provides low mating force and eliminates damage to the through-hole on the PCB. 
  • Excellent contact reliability
  • Highly accurate center position alignment helps to reduce workload of assembly operators and improves the inspection process

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I/O Connectors: MINIDOCK™ Series

MINIDOCK™ is a family of board-to-board docking input/output (I/O) connectors that provides a rugged, secure and reliable docking solution for portable medical and industrial devices.
  • Diecast housings and large tapered guide pins ensure up to 5,000 mating cycles
  • Options include vertical and horizontal mating, pin counts ranging from 80 to 240, and 3-level pin sequencing for signal, power, and ground

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Optical Modules: LIGHTPASS® Series

LIGHTPASS® is a family of ultra-compact and thin active optical modules featuring a silicon photonics IC, “IOCore™” (developed by AIO Core Co., Ltd.). 
  • By performing photoelectric conversion (E-to-O, O-to-E) on the board, closer to the processor, it is possible to shorten the electrical wiring distance and significantly reduce transmission loss
  • Demonstrates stable performance even in high-temperature environments

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We provide precision manufacturing solutions.
Ensuring quality every step of the way from in-house tool design to fully automated manufacturing and inspections.



Jumper Harness Solution: LEAPWIRE®

LEAPWIRE® is the I-PEX high-speed jumper harness solution. 
  • Minimizes PCB trace and achieves excellent high-speed signal transmission
  • Applicable for internal connection of DPU and Smart NIC Twinax cable connectors



RF Coaxial Cable Solderless Connection Technology: i-Fit®

i-Fit® solderless termination technology used in the I-PEX micro-RF coaxial connector (MHF®) series eliminates variations in the electrical performance of RF cable assemblies caused by solder. 

  • Maintains uniform electrical characteristics
  • Ease of wiring work and maintaining uniform electrical characteristics are important for antenna performance



Excellent EMC Design: ZenShield®

ZenShield® is the name for I-PEX's high-performance EMC technology available for many of our connector products. The connectors with ZenShield shielding provide significant mitigation of EMI.
  • 360-degree EMC shielding prevents electromagnetic noise radiation from the board mounting part of the signal terminals
  • Gives board designers more flexibility by allowing connectors to be placed near antennas

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