New Product Release: CABLINE®-UM(2019/Feb/22)

Perfect for high-data-rate transfer applications:
New right angle vertical mate micro-coaxial fully shielded connector with optional mechanical locking mechanism

CAB-UMThe new CABLINE®-UM Micro-Coaxial Cable Connector from I-PEX Connectors was designed with a 360-degree EMC shielding feature to protect components against noise in high-speed transmission environments. The right angle vertical mating type makes it easy to put anywhere on the PCB, increasing your design options. With the optional mechanical locking mechanism, the plug is secure and won’t easily disengage from the board. In addition, the high-speed contact design is being used for 20+ Gbps data rates and is suitable for the latest Thunderbolt 3 (20 Gbps), eDP (HBR3 8.1 Gbps), USB 3.1 (10 Gbps) and other high data rate standards.



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Type : Micro-Coaxial Wire-to-Board Connector

Detail : This connector is 0.4 mm pitch, making it very low-profile. The mating height is 2.2 +/- 0.15 mm (with locking cover) and 2.0 +/- 0.15 mm (without locking cover). The EMC shielding feature, along with a multi-point grounding design makes this connector compatible with measures to prevent noise inside the devices and puts it in compliance with high-speed transmission standards. These new features eliminate the need for shielding tape attachments and/or a separate shielding cover for noise containment. The CABLINE®-UM Connector is available with standard 30 pin and 40 pin options. The custom pin count range is 10-60. A horizontal mating type shielded connector, CABLINE®-CA II, is also available. By using the CABLINE®-UM Connector, designers will have the freedom to focus on their own innovative solutions by keeping up with the latest high-speed protocols, while containing EMC issues.


  • Ideal for high-speed transmission internal connections such as ThunderboltTM 3 (20 Gbps/lane)
  • Prevent EMI leakage with 360˚ EMC shielding and multi-point ground design
  • High mating retention force with mechanical locking cover
  • High contact reliability


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