Common design concept for connectors

The I-PEX connector product lineup includes a series of connectors that employ a common design concept with multiple connection options.

For PCB module products that are versatile for a variety of electronic devices, adopting a connector with a common design concept allows for the selection of multiple connection methods. As the number of PCB module connection method options increases, the markets for devices that can be targeted will also expand. I-PEX proposes to use the common design connectors with wide range of connection method options, especially when developing highly versatile modules.

Example of applicable electronic devices



Example of target electronic device market for versatile PCB modules

For example, the I-PEX VS connector (0.5 mm pitch) series has a variety of connection methods such as micro-coaxial cable, FPC or FFC with the same board layout.



In addition, the I-PEX VS connector series (0.5 mm pitch) and CABLINE®-CA connector series (0.4 mm pitch) can also be mounted with full EMC shielding connectors (ZenShield®) with each common footprint.
Therefore, if there is concern about EMC problems at the product development stage, it is possible to compare general connectors and full EMC shielding connectors (ZenShield®) by creating an evaluation board with a common footprint in advance. This will enable customers to verify the need for full EMC shielding connectors from the early stages of development.


Full EMC shielding connector can also be mounted due to the common footprint




Common footprint connector series summary:

I-PEX VS series (0.5 mm pitch, horizontal mating type)


CABLINE®-CA series (0.4 mm pitch, horizontal mating type)


In addition, these connectors have cable and FPC connection options:

  • DW-5 (0.5 mm pitch, horizontal mating type, discrete cable / FPC connector)
Discrete cable / FPC connection can be selected
using a common connector on PCB
  • CABLINE®-UY (0.35 mm pitch, vertical mating type, micro-coaxial cable / FPC connector)
Micro-coaxial cable / FPC connection can be selected
using a common connector on PCB



Common FPC / FFC

The I-PEX auto-lock FPC / FFC connector series (EVAFLEX®) also has common design connectors that allow for selection of horizontal or vertical mating directions with common FPC / FFC designs. Since the mating direction can be changed without changing the FPC / FFC, the modules can be applied to a wider range of devices.

Horizontal / vertical mating directions can be selected
using the same FPC / FFC


0.5 mm pitch, auto-lock FPC / FFC connector:


0.5 mm pitch, with ground terminal, auto-lock FPC / FFC connector: