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Technical Papers

We introduce part of the technology of product that I-PEX developed so far.

Server Design is Getting Complicated

Like never before, today's computing environment requires an increasing complexity
of enterprise-level equipment. As data rates rise,
complexity issues are exacerbated by the performance limits being encountered in
standard-build materials.

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EVAFLEX 5 comply with V-by-One US specification.

The EVAFLEX5, with impedance-matched shielded FFC and interfaced with V-by-one HS, has already been adopted by many
customers. EVAFLEX5 has also now been confirmed by THine Electronics' technical specification for high-resolution video
image and next-generation high-speed interface standard V-by-One US.

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What do bats and connectors have in common?

"We are trying to better understand biological
sonar so we can mimic it in our own devices."
Dr. Kloepper, Saint Mary's College

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Shielding Graphics Connector Solder tails Mitigates EMI

Shielding 4K2K Display Graphics Connector Solder Tails Mitigates EMI

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W-point contact

Through I-PEXs proprietary W-point contact structure faulty contact due to wipeing of flux or contamination and dust is prevented for high contact reliability.

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