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I-PEX is currently developing new Li-Po battery connectors (AV-B60/AV-B90) which contribute to safe drone navigation.
I-PEX offer a wide range of products and services, including the development and manufacture of connectors, sensors, automotive products, and manufacturing equipment. For example, one of the main products, "connectors," are used in our daily life products such as smartphones and laptop computers.Many processes are required to make connectors.Equipment design, Die fabrication, Stamping, Plating, Plastic molding, Assembly, Inspection. Each and every process supports high-quality manufacturing.
I-PEX는 결합 높이 1.5mm, 0.35mm 피치, 풀 실드 기판 대 기판 커넥터 NOVASTACK® 35-HDH를 출시했습니다. NOVASTACK® 35-HDH는 우수한 결합 작업성과 높은 전기적 성능을 겸비한 기판 대 기판 커넥터입니다.