Efficient harness assembly with MHF wiring Jig

I-PEX MHF® with i-Fit® technology is also supported by many antenna and harness manufacturers. MHF wiring Jig, which harnesses I-PEX MHF®, has shipped more than 1,000 units in total, and MHF Jig enables easy and efficient pinching process and stable production.





Harness assembly process by MHF connection Jig


 1. Cable Cutting & Stripping

   Accurate and stable using specialized machines 
   Three-stage strip cable production

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Select the specified cable.   Set the specified length of cable in the constant length cutting machine. The cable is automatically cut to the specified length.   Three-stage stripping machine for RF coaxial cables.



 2. Harnesses Assemblies

  ***MHF®  wiring Jig is used in this proces ***

   MHF®  wiring with Jig  = High quality, high productivity MHF®  wiring with i-Fit®  technology



 3. Continuity and Withstand Voltage Tests & Appearance Inspection

   Conduction and withstand voltage tests are conducted in accordance with I-PEX product standards. High quality is ensured.

image2-vARW image3-1 image_arrow image3-2
Conduct continuity and withstand voltage tests in accordance with I-PEX product standards using a testing machine to confirm consistency with the standards.(Click here for product standards including continuity and withstand voltage)   We also use a stereo microscope to check for scratches, dents, and other external defects before delivering the product to the customer.




Harnesses Assemblies

  MHF®  wiring with Jig = High quality, high productivity MHF®  wiring with i-Fit®  technology

   1) Set the reel of the MHF®  Plug to the MHF®  wiring Jig with i-Fit®  technology.



   2) The wiring is completed by precisely inserting the triple-stripped cable by hand into the MHF®  wiring Jig, which uses air pressure to pinch the spring. No solder is  used for MHF®  wiring, and the RF signal is conducted by clamping the center conductor of the RF coaxial cable between the contact springs of the connector plug.


   Please refer to the i-Fit®  Technology/MHF®  ultra-small RF coaxial connector video for wiring instructions.




By using the MHF Wiring Jig, you can realize more efficient and stable production of high quality MHF harnesses. For more information about I-PEX MHF Wiring Jig  (including consumables), please contact our sales representative or [Contact Us].