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I-PEX is currently developing new Li-Po battery connectors (AV-B60/AV-B90) which contribute to safe drone navigation.
I-PEX offer a wide range of products and services, including the development and manufacture of connectors, sensors, automotive products, and manufacturing equipment. For example, one of the main products, "connectors," are used in our daily life products such as smartphones and laptop computers.Many processes are required to make connectors.Equipment design, Die fabrication, Stamping, Plating, Plastic molding, Assembly, Inspection. Each and every process supports high-quality manufacturing.
I-PEX发布了新款NOVASTACK® 35-HDH全屏蔽板对板连接器,配接高度为1.5 mm,间距为0.35 mm。 该连接器结合了出色的配接可加工性和高电气性能。
近年来,服务器、交换机等基础设施通信在企业市场的发展速度越来越快。 挑战在于,传统的PCB走线传输具有较大的插入损耗和有限的传输距离。 一体封装系统也面临着高密度包装的挑战。I-PEX 已经开发全新的 LEAPWIRE™/DUALINE™ 系列 112 Gbps PAM4,使用高速双芯电缆和 112Gbps PAM4 板对板连接来解决这些问题。