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Privacy Policy

We, Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. and its group companies(hereafter, "Daiichi") make use of the information which can specify an individual, such as name of affiliated institution, personal name, telephone number, E-mail address and etc(hereafter, "Personal Information") to be provided from you(hereafter, "Information Provider") through Daiichi's web site(www.daiichi-seiko.co.jp), recruiting activities and other ordinary transaction, and Daiichi strictly and appropriately protect, handle and take custody of the Personal Information as follows in conformity with the applicable laws and regulations.

Daiichi strive not to spoil the benefits of Information Provider when Daiichi obtain, possess and make use of the Personal Information.
Daiichi do not make use of the Personal Information without a prior consent of Information Provider for any other purpose(s) than what Daiichi intended beforehand. As to the purpose(s) for which Daiichi intend to use, please refer to the following "Intended Purposes".
Daiichi do not disclose Personal Information to third party without a prior acceptance from Information Provider unless Daiichi is required to disclose it by justifiable reasons allowed by laws and regulations.
Upon receipt of a request from Information Provider, Daiichi will do the necessary action to disclose, correct or suspend the Personal Information in accordance with the appropriate procedures established internally.
In order to protect the Personal Information, Daiichi will improve or update this policy in view of the change of the applicable laws, regulations and social circumstances.

Revised on March 30, 2015