Board-to-Board (FPC) Connectors

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High data rate / high frequency options with 360° EMI shielding making them ideal for 5G mmWave / Sub-6, USB4, Thunderbolt 4 and eDP HBR3 applications.

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Why Select I-PEX Board-to-Board Connectors?

1) High-speed transmission 20+Gbps/lane
2) 5G mmWave and Sub-6 GHz
3) Full EMI Shield
4) Install an Independent Power Terminal

- Connectors that can use hold-down as a power supply contact
- Dedicated Connector with Power Terminal
- Connector for Power Supply


Why Select I-PEX Board-to-Board Connectors?

1) High-speed transmission 20+Gbps/lane

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I-PEX has applied the same technology we used in the development of coaxial connectors, “signal integrity × ultra-miniaturization,” to our high-speed transmission to board-to-board (FPC) connectors. In addition to the advantages of general board-to-board (FPC) connectors, we offer connectors that are ideal for internal connections that require high-speed transmission for mobile devices.
Corresponding connector : NOVASTACK® 35-HDNNOVASTACK® 35-HDP, NOVASTACK® 35-HDH


2) 5G mmWave and Sub-6 GHz

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I-PEX 5G board-to-board connector solutions lead enablement of 5G device deployments globally.  The shielded board-to-board solution solves EMI problems and improves overall EMC.  Additional improvements include best in class electrical performance (VSWR/IL) and superior current rating.  Both are crucial to the efficient operation of 5G devices.
Corresponding connector : NOVASTACK® 35-HDN, NOVASTACK® 35-HDPNOVASTACK® 35-HDH


3) Full EMI Shield

General connector without metal shell I-PEX connector with metal shell
Without shell With shell

Connectors from I-PEX have  a structure that encloses the signal contacts/soldered parts of the plug/receptacle by providing shells on both the plug/receptacle. These connectors have excellent grounding characteristics  due to the structure in which the plug shell/receptacle shell connect with each other at multiple points when the connector is mated. Grounding takes place on  the board at multiple points, and the structure in which all signal contacts of the plug/receptacle are enclosed by a shield giving the connector  excellent i360-degree EMI shielding performance.
Interference with other high-frequency signals can be suppressed, allowing designers to place connectors near the antenna.
Corresponding connector : NOVASTACK® 35-HDNNOVASTACK® 35-HDP , NOVASTACK® 35-HDH



4) Install an Independent Power Terminal

We have connectors that achieve ultra-miniaturization while ensuring the power supply required for each application of mobile devices.

4-1) Connectors that can use hold-down as a power supply contact

NOVASTACK F3-1Because the hold-down feature of the  board-to-board connector is metal, it can be used as a power supply contact, as well as adding additional robustness to the connector.  The guide shape of the connector makes for smooth insertion and mating. Since the signal contacts do not have to be used for power supply, reducing the number of pin counts is effective in saving space.
Corresponding connector : NOVASTACK® 35-P, NOVASTACK® 35-PH



4-2) Connector with Dedicated Power Terminal

NOVASTACK F3-2The dedicated power supply is 3.5 times wider than the signal contact and uses a Corson alloy that excels in electrical conductivity and heat conduction. (Signal terminal width: 0.12 mm, power supply dedicated contact width: 0.42 mm)
Corresponding connector : NOVASTACK® 35-HDP



4-3) Connector for Power Supply

Input current Power contact : 6.0 A / pin  
Signal contact : 1.0 A / pin

Power contacts 6.0A x 4 pins and signal contacts 4 pins are equipped, and the hold-down and metal guide ensure mating easability and robustness.
Corresponding connector : NOVASTACK®-B