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In recent years, infrastructure telecommunication, such as servers and switches, have become increasingly faster in the enterprise market. The challenge is that conventional PCB trace transmission have large insertion losses with limited transmission distance.  A co-package system also faces the challenge of high-density packaging. I-PEX has begun development of our new LEAPWIRE™/DUALINE™ series 112 Gbps PAM4 using high-speed Twinax Cables and 112Gbps PAM4 board-to-board connection to solve these problems.
I-PEX與Digi-Key Electronics合作,Digi-Key Electronics成為I-PEX新的全球分銷商。這份合作可以使I-PEX更好的滿足客戶的設計和生產的需求。 I-PEX的產品現在可以在Digi-Key的全球網站上購買,該網站提供了全球範圍內大量的電子元件庫存作為選擇,並可立即發貨。