New Product Release: EVAFLEX® 5-HD (2020/Feb/7)

First to Market: Fully-Shielded Auto-Lock FFC Connector For Gaming/Drone/AR/VR Markets

The new EVAFLEX® 5-HD Auto-Lock FFC Connector has 360-degree shielding, which prevents EMI leakage from the contact tails as well as the mated side.  Being fully-shielded gives designers more freedom for placement on the PCB, without worrying about noise or signal interference.  It also has a multi-point ground design which provides better signal-integrity than other typical non-ZIF connector. The one-touch auto-lock design of the connector makes it operator friendly, enabling high productivity and high reliability. The auto-lock feature prevents the connector from being half-locked and will help avoid operation errors. The connector has a max mated height of 2.20 mm, a contact pitch of 0.50 mm, and is available in 24 pin count.

Designed for high-speed transmission at 10+ Gbps, this connector conforms to USB® 3.1 Gen 2 industry standards, making it suitable for gaming devices, PCs, drones, AR/VR devices and any other application that requires using this USB standard. Contact us for more information.