I-PEX is Partnering with SnapEDA on Connector Models (2020/11/1)

I-PEX has partnered with SnapEDA to create and provide pre-built digital CAD models for printed circuit board (PCB) footprint drawings and symbols.  These models are now available for free download, both on SnapEDA's website and I-PEX.com product pages (click on “Symbols & Footprints” in the "Downloads" section on I-PEX website product pages).


Click on “Symbols & Footprints” in downloads section
Choose download format


Product design engineers have traditionally had to spend a lot of time creating digital models of individual components on their circuit boards. With this partnership, engineers can easily download these models for free, in a wide variety of formats, including Altium, Circuit Studio, Eagle, KiCad, OrCAD, PADS, P-CAD, PCB123, etc.  These models will help to accelerate the design process for the PC board engineers, making the entire development process more efficient.


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What is SnapEDA?
What is SnapEDA? Build circuit boards faster!
Getting Started with SnapEDA
Getting Started with SnapEDA:
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