Wafer Products (KRYSTAL® Wafer)


We also provide advices on single-crystalline deposition using Underlying KRYSTAL® Wafers if you wish to use your own equipment for PZT deposition.


What is KRYSTAL® Wafer?

Superior wafers for piezoelectric MEMS, that can be single-crystallize various piezoelectric materials to be deposited by using an original ZrO2 Buffer.

We have successfully reproduced single-crystallization on customer equipment using KRYSTAL® Wafer.
Please contact us for more information on single crystal thin film deposition methods.

Mechanism of KRYSTAL wafer



KRYSTAL® Wafer Product Types

  • ZrO2 Buffer Wafer (ZrO2)

KRYSTAL WaferZirconium dioxide or “Zirconia,” an oxidized form of the metal “zirconium” (Zr), is known for its high melting point. Its crystal structure is a Ditetragonal dipyramidal structure, categorized in the P4₂/nmc space group. This pyramid forms along the lattice constant of the material on the upper layer, and contributes to a single crystal form of that upper layer material. This is a key aspect of KRYSTAL Wafer’s single crystal technologies. 


  • Bottom Electrode Pt Wafer (Pt/ZrO2)

KRYSTAL WaferPt demonstrates low resistance and forms thin films easily, so it is often used as an electrode in film forming for piezoelectric elements. Based on the customer’s specifications, we provide Pt film formed on ZrO₂. 


  • Bottom Electrode SRO/Pt Wafer (SRO/Pt/ZrO2)

KRYSTAL WaferStrontium ruthenium oxide (SRO; SrRuO₃) is a type of ferro-magnetic metal oxide, and a Ruddlesden-popper type compound. The crystal structure is a perovskite structure, and film stability is increased by forming the film on a Pt film.


  • PZT Single-Crystal Wafer

KRYSTAL Waferfor Actuators: These products feature well-balanced specifications, offering a high d-constant and withstand voltage, and a low dielectric constant.
for Sensors: These products have a strong c-axis orientation, and the relative dielectric constant is reduced to 140 or less, in order to increase the electric charge generated by distortion.


  • Top Electrode PZT Single-Crystal Wafer

KRYSTAL WaferAt the customer’s request, we deliver SRO+Pt film formed on top of PZT film, as a top electrode.


  • Lead-free thin film materials

PZT film demonstrates outstanding characteristics and is used in various applications, but because this material contains a lead component, in recent years, applications are at times limited from the perspective of impact on the environment and health. We are working to develop lead-free materials that demonstrate characteristics equivalent to or better than PZT film. For example, we have already succeeded in creating single crystal piezoelectric film using BTO, ALN, LaNbO₃, LaTiO₃, and KNN, among others. 


  • Substrate materials: Silicon substrate, and SOI (Silicon on Insulator) substrates


  • Substrate sizes: 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch sizes