Piezoelectric MEMS Foundry Service

MEMS Foundry Service

Our piezoelectric MEMS foundry service supports the development of high-performance piezoelectric MEMS devices using our superior single-crystal piezoelectric deposition and MEMS processing technologies.
We offer flexible services such as buffer wafer supply, and specific MEMS processing to meet your requirements.


Our Core Technologies

  • KRYSTAL® Wafer manufacturing and deposition technology for single-crystallization.
  • MEMS Process technology to maximize the single-crystal thin film capability.





Main Products and Services

Contract processing services for piezoelectric MEMS, and PZT and non-lead material high performance piezoelectric deposition services, sales of underlayers and single crystal deposition substrates, Piezoelectric MEMS design support, etc.
We offer flexible services such as buffer wafer supply, and specific MEMS processing to meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

products and Services

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The World's Leading Piezoelectric Technology

By combining the plasma control technology cultivated through DLC deposition and inorganic crystal control technology, we have succeeded in single-crystallization of various piezoelectric materials, which were considered extremely difficult to produce, and established manufacturing methods.
It can be adapted to various semiconductor processes and exhibits significantly higher properties than existing polycrystalline materials.

Piezoelectric Technology

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MEMS Process Menu



  • Process Wafer Sizes: 6 & 8 inch

  • Cleanliness: PZT Deposition Class 100 (Other Class 1000)

Process Type Process Processing Equipment
Deposition Piezoelectric Thin Film (PZT) RF Magnetron Sputtering, Sol-gel
Metal Oxide (SRO) RF Magnetron Sputtering
Metal Oxide (ZrO2) Evaporation
Metal Film (Au, Pt, Ti, Cr) DC Magnetron Sputtering
Al Deposition Evaporation
Al2O3 Deposition ALD
Photolithography Resist Coating / Developing Spin Equipment
Exposure Double-sided Mask Aligner
(Front-back, IR Transmission Alignment)
Cleaning Resist Stripping Cleaning Dip Washing
Etching Dry Etching (Au, Pt, Ti, Cr) ICP-RIE
Dry Etching (PZT) ICP-RIE
Dry Etching (SiO2) ICP-RIE
Si Deep RIE Deep-RIE
(Top-to-Bottom through-hole processing)
Wet Etching (PZT, Au, Ti) Spin Etch Can be dipped
Temporary Bonding Adhesive Bonding Heat and Pressure
Evaluation - Optical Microscope, 
Laser Microscope
Piezoelectric Properties Evaluation System
Stress Measurement
Resistance Measurement
Others Dicing Blade, Stealth
Grinding Grinding, Polishing
Thermal-SiO2 Thermal Oxidation
Wafer Level Bonding Heat and Pressure
Design and Analysis Device Structure Analysis and Design (Please contact us)

*We can also provide services for processes not listed in the menu above, supplied PZT wafers made by other companies, or only specific processing steps.
Please feel free to contact us.

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Examples of Process:
(Some examples of MEMS devices we have processed.)

  • Inkjet heads (actuators, flow paths, nozzles)
  • MEMS mirrors (for automotive and consumer applications)
  • Piezo MEMS microphones
  • Piezo MEMS speaker
  • MEMS micro pumps
  • MEMS ultrasonic sensors
  • MEMS smell sensors


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Example of Process (Deep-RIE)

Example of silicon deep etching process by the Deep-RIE equipment 

low scallop
Low scallop processing
Scallop 100 nm or less (87.0 nm)
high aspect ratio
High aspect ratio processing
Aspect ratio of 50 or more (57.3)


*Other process are also available, such as taper shape control, through-silicon processing, plasma dicing, etc.

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Example of Steps from Inquiry to Mass Production

  • MEMS processing technology to maximize the performance of single-crystal piezoelectric thin films
  • Flexible support for piezoelectric MEMS, from design support to processing

Start Inquiry

Inquiries • Meetings / Consultations
• Requests
• Technology Introduction
Specification • NDA Execution
• Specification Details
• Process Discussion
Agree_Trial • Trial Production Quotation
• Rough Quotation for Mass Production
• Trial Production Agreement
Trial • Design Verification
• Process Trial Production
• Inspection and Shipping
Evaluation • Trial Product Evaluation
• Feedbacks on Evaluation
• Decision for Mass Production
Agree MP • Finalize Specifications
• Finalize Quotation for Mass Production
• Mass Production Agreement
Mass Production • Ordering / FCST Information
• Start Mass Production
• Feedbacks on Mass Production


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